The Chains of Time

The humans of the generation, for one reason to others, have baked themselves with characters getting free and easy entrance to objective destructions. We barely count people filled with marketable characters. Regrettably, few numbers trying to put things cultural and moral have been doctored with catastrophic hands. And making it almost possible to see huge effects of being harmful as many are.

We no longer see only the inopportune citizens displaying abnormalities due to less or no acquisition of materialism, but also for as many that have acquired materialism. I wonder how possible and positive they have labelled reasons on. All we have now is the sore throat of humanity. It is a general trend already. However, how do people intend to sabotage the horrific moment? Should there be a continuity? How advantageous is to us for us to stretch the hand to the younger generations? The unprofessional and uncontrollable act of suiciding of the time get prolonged activeness by this incessant program for our course of giving standard gap towards addressing the issue? Our posterities are at greater risk to as thought if this doesn’t receive an address.

On an attempt to unveil level of betrayal and tricks of the youths just to secure personal interests, it is seen as setting a course for study. We ought to put it right on time. They have flimsy reasons to that. They are getting all them wrong as there can’t be prevailing foundations to that. We are obliging to charge such ignorance. The world surely will become more poisonous in the nearest future upon our refusal to put the youths right, especially this very time their knowledge and understanding about life is far from the normal and moral apprehensive of humanity. Advocating the present knowledge in them will give expressway of jeopardizing some of good foundations already in existence and chances to make good or better foundations by them would receive zero prediction.

Giving excuses in regards to see them changed for better because of how tough they have dubiously groomed their knowledge and characters; we stand to be more useless. A child only knows what he or she is taught from infantry. There is no reason a child build knowledge of what is far from the environment. Only when a child grows younger, he or she marry to stray knowledge due to exposure, and to becoming more available to other knowledge due to composure. And only the gifted and talented child get supernatural knowledge at all times. Mind me, such knowledge is productive as divinely constructed and directed. In short, the knowledge is cultural and moral.

It has to be an easy journey of pursuing a goal with a lot of loved ones surrounded. Much are to be gotten to make the hard way simple. And a victory for a loved one or someone is a victory for all. Success of quick journey always come on the goal of teaming. It is therefore, a thing of happiness to see to an end of a success journey with loved ones. Achievements become achievable with ease. The teamwork of the ancient remain ever historic and again as such, foundations from the time remain unchanged and challengeable. It can only be modernized and re-modernized until desirable results. Consequently, the teamwork of the era has always been molded with betrayal and of personal interests. It is worst that the present era does things for competition and in the process has lost fundamental procedures and this regard has led into plenty misappropriations of exigencies. It baffles as originality is traded for availability. And even a family engaged in rivalry for the same. This makes no single sense. We have to put all this right. If it is hard to make good thing as an external team, let internal team (family) do things together for a common good goal. If we should refuse to make good things with outsiders and insiders – should we fear external and internal betrayal at a point, then, how can we make things happen to better the environment? It is common how some people are not supported by their family and how some families have gone against their blood fighting for good of the societies. Siblings and relatives are taking time to give unforgettable undue persecution. I mean some of them. Even to the exempted ones, no big gap of identification. Seriously, the act has made some goal-setters more vulnerable to other factors against pursuit of dreams. This has nothing beneficial, rather, indulging to make that for your dreamed fellow only set things harder for the propounder as it will definitely serve as an achievement if overcome by the proposed receiver in question.

The world is now fearful. This is to as a resultant of voluminous charismatic and enigmatic preachers who have turned the most popular world religions into money industry. Their knowledge on these Holy Books is energetically questionable. Their methods of impacting followers are really siphoned in nature. Their methods of challenging one another in the ministry are quite absurd.  Their methods of using revealed knowledge and interpretations on other bloom taxonomy is too unsubscribible. Their manner of regarding as many who refused to join their race is too subsequential.

Their ways of worship are too dogmatic. It is therefore noted that the complete brainwashed system initiated by some fake religious leaders to insightfully chained and rational damaged peoples’ efforts and challenges to make good and better living is the talk of the era.  Everything is disgusting. And in an attempt to talk the matter of the exploitation with some followers, nothing is far from seeing you inflicting them with evil spirit. This has made me totally dislike how these poor masses have left themselves to be used without a remainder. It is too unhealthy to human knowledge if room to personally think and to challenge analysis from others is not given. We can see wrong things happening in those places and we are naturally and rationally endowed to make amendments towards favouring situations of time. Then, why shouldn’t we act on time to save our conscience and posterity from going absolutely into chaos?

Again, level of disappointments from the political leaders despite the diversity of efforts to make them do good and for trading away pains of succumbing to their terms and conditions despite it is not good for us that more, is a thing to give a thorough assessment to see how future owe us in surrendering this way. Political administration holds a lot in our daily engagements. We can’t successfully gain victory of a day with a touch of political rigmaroles. Because, activities are connected to politics and politics is a basic ideology behind human actions and the gateway to administration of time. It is on this; I am seriously considering to make you an activist. This is a surest way to make the political ground beneficial to all.

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